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Gotham 1.01 “Pilot”

September 26, 2014

Gotham is a fresh look at the Batman saga like never before.  It tells the origin stories of the many characters in the Batman universe through the eyes of a young Commissioner James Gordon played by Ben McKenzie (Ryan from The O.C.).  The premiere begins with the vicious murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents (which soon becomes the topic of conspiracy that I’m sure will be investigated throughout the rest of the season).  As the episode continues we meet Harvey Bullock (played by Donal Logue), Gordon’s partner who is not too thrilled to be paired up with Gordon.

What I like about this pairing is that throughout the episode we come to learn that Harvey always seems to take the easy route.  He doesn’t want to get his hands too dirty especially when it requires solving the most difficult cases.  Meanwhile, James Gordon wants nothing but to save Gotham from the insane criminal activity that is taking place, but by the end of the first episode he learns just how difficult that notion is.  Nonetheless, Gordon still seems determined to take on the challenge as he makes a promise to a now orphaned Bruce Wayne, that he will solve his parents murder.

This pilot episode was great!  The only downside I would say is that the number of references made to future villains was a little bit much, BUT despite that, I can honestly say that there is one character that I just cannot get enough of.  That is Fish Mooney, a vindictive “business” woman played by Jada Pinkett Smith.  Before the series aired, I heard several critics rave about her performance and after seeing the premiere I completely understood why.  She’s hilariously evil and despite the fact that she’s not a figure of goodness, I am rooting for her to succeed in all her fiendish endeavors!  Now I understand why Katherine Pierce had to die last year in The Vampire Diaries.  She needed to pass into the other side in order to be reincarnated into Fish Mooney and I could not be happier! But here’s the most exciting part about it: have you even heard of Fish Mooney?  No?  Well that’s because she was created specifically FOR Gotham so there’s no way her storyline could get ruined for any of us.  YAY!

I think overtime, key figures that were mentioned in the pilot episode: Penguin, Poison Ivy, Riddler, and more will eventually play a greater role in this storyline.  We’ve been set up for a great ride.  Just please writers, what ever you do, don’t kill Fish Mooney!

There is plenty more that happened in the pilot that I did not mention so definitely try to watch it when you get the chance!

For now, I’ll leave you with a promo for the second episode.  For more reviews and news on Gotham stay tuned to my blog!  And you can catch all new episodes on Mondays at 8/7c on Fox!


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