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How to Get Away With Murder 1.02 “It’s All Her Fault”

October 5, 2014

Prof. Keating has been hired to defend Max St. Vincent who is a prime suspect in the murder case of his wife, Marjorie St. Vincent. Keating’s team investigate the brutal crime scene which had been preserved for research purposes. (So nasty). Marjorie was stabbed 16 times and at first glance, her husband’s chill demeanor about all of it makes him appear guilty. But at the story unfolds we come to learn that it was actually his daughter, Eloise, who killed Marjorie. Why? Because Eloise found out the truth behind her birth mother’s death. She was killed by her father, but her father told her that her mother died in a car accident when she was three. So, Eloise plotted her revenge and sought to take away the person her father preciously loved. Oddly enough, we don’t get to see what happens with their story. The court isn’t made aware that Eloise is the criminal and in a weird way, Max says to Prof. Keating that Eloise will be punished for what she’s done. Is he going to kill her? Guess it doesn’t matter.

“We’re all capable of terrible things, Nate.”  – Annalise

As for the developing story of Lila Standard, Annalise makes some progress finding answers about her husband. She manages to sneak a look into his phone where she discovers emails between him and Lila. When she returns to the phone for a second look, she notices he deleted all of the emails; flagging him as guilty in her eyes. With intense fear she immediately goes to Detective Nate in hopes that he would use his resources to find some answers for her. Keating was so raw and vulnerable in this scene, definitely one of the best ones of the night. Viola Davis is amazing! Watch the scene below…


As for the murder of Sam Keating in the future, we are given several clues that make it seems like Rebecca is deeply involved; possibly the murderer. Not only that, but Wes and her appear to be in a relationship. He’s definitely in love with her because he’s gone through many hoops just to keep her protected and safe. Lying about the coin toss was one of those hoops.

On a happier note, I’m glad to see Connor’s character making a little more sense. For a guy that lacks insecurities and seems all the more powerful, he’s got a weak spot for the I.T. guy; now named Oliver. I definitely wrote Connor off in the pilot assuming that he had ulterior motives behind using Oliver, but after seeing this episode I think he’s genuinely developing feelings despite the use of his words, “I don’t do boyfriends”. And yet…

I also found the scene with Bonnie and Laurel interesting. Laurel is a character who I think will grow a lot this year. She appears to be the weakest of the new hires and yet she gave input that solved the episode’s case; impressing Annalise. When Laurel goes to Bonnie and tries to find out why she was picked (other than the possibility that Frank picked her), Bonnie feeds her some harsh words.

But what’s interesting about this pep talk is that despite Bonnie’s mean exterior, the conversation still ends in a pep talk fashion when Bonnie says, “So rather than me tell you the answer to the question you just asked, let me just say that the time you are wasting worrying about Frank, is time you should be using getting Annalise to actually learn your name”. This is when Laurel picks up her game and helps solve the case. I think this conversation will take her a long way in episodes to come.

For now, I’ll leave you with a promo for the third episode. For more reviews and news on How to Get Away With Murder stay tuned to my blog! And you can catch all new episodes on Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC!


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