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Scandal 4.02 “The State of the Union”

October 5, 2014

With the State of the Union address rapidly approaching, the President has requested that James and Lisa Elliot attend due to their heroic acts. Only problem is, they hate each others guts and have missed the flight to Washington D.C. Olivia is asked by Cyrus to handle the situation, which she does. Meanwhile, Mellie is still grieving deeply over the loss of her son and happens to get photographed in her PJs eating Doritos over her son’s grave by an anonymous person who supplies the media with the images. Abby is asked to quiet down the situation, but when Olivia does her job for her, Abby goes directly to the source. She confronts Mellie in hopes of convincing her to get her act together for the countless number of people in America who have also lost their children. Her words get through to Mellie and she decides to attend the State of the Union address where thanks to Olivia’s help, Fitz goes off script to reveal the truth behind how he and his wife have been dealing with the loss of their son.

Outside of the main story plot, there was a lot going on (as there always is). It seems to me like Abby is being conditioned into becoming the new Olivia Pope. This episode really showed the potential competition between them. As of right now, Olivia is winning, but with enough pushes, Abby could find herself topping Olivia’s actions later on this season; and she wouldn’t be the only one trying to one up Olivia Pope. David Rosen, desperate to become Attorney General has found that the fake evidence planted on him about being a domestic abuser was not destroyed and has surfaced at the worst time possible. Not only does he feel Olivia Pope is a hypocrite, but he’s also taken off his own white hat to blackmail the necessary people in order to acquire his position. I’m a little worried about him going off the rails. He’s the only person in the whole show who has tried to stand by the law and it sucks to see him play the same game everyone else is just for power.

Huck and Quinn are slowly patching things up. Yes, they’re still fighting, but at least they’re talking right? I really like these two. They’ve come so far with each other and understand one another on a level that most people could only dream. The things they’ve experienced and felt is often indescribable and unmentionable, but that’s what makes them such a unique couple. Me gusta mucho! Olivia and Jake on the other hand…the end of the episode makes it seem like Olivia is all-in on Jake now despite the fact that they’re back home now, where the President could steal her attention at any time. What does this mean??

Now Cyrus. I feel so bad for him. Cyrus sat alone at a bar where a man named Michael came on to him. At first Cyrus hesitated, but you could tell he was flattered by the fact that another man gave him attention. By the end of the episode we see Cyrus goes for it…until he learns that Michael is a sex worker (his words). This hurt Cyrus. He was caught off guard and emotionally turned back. What sucks even more is that Michael was hired by Elizabeth (Portia de Rossi). Is destroying Cyrus her story arc? We’re talking about Cyrus Beene; it’s going to take more than a couple of episodes. But they did say that he is “lonely”. I was actually a little surprised Cyrus wasn’t cautious about the situation in the first place. I guess he’s off his game which means maybe it won’t take a couple of episodes…

Here’s my favorite quote from the episode…

“The loss of a child is greater. I resent that; never having lost a child. I resent having to feel like losing the love of my life, the only someone who ever made me feel like I was truly me, is less of a loss; is smaller of a loss. I’m now broken. I’m now not me. I’m now forever changed. I’m undone. A broken heart is a broken heart. To take a measure is cruelty.”  – Cyrus to Mellie

For now, I’ll leave you with a promo for the third episode of the season. For more reviews and news on Scandal stay tuned to my blog! And you can catch all new episodes on Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC!

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