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Scandal 4.03 “Inside the Bubble”

October 19, 2014

“You’re inside the bubble. It feels good, doesn’t it?” – Cyrus to David Rosen

Everyone knows what it feels like to be a part of something. It’s a great feeling being included in situations, having your opinions matter; feeling like people see and hear you. The opposite of this feels horrible though, when people either directly or indirectly make you feel as if you don’t matter enough. That’s what this episode of Scandal was about.

TV is incredibly entertaining when people are at a low point emotionally and several of these characters were surely dealing with that. I was so happy to see that Mellie had finally found something to really care about; to distract herself from her viciously grieving state, but when you saw her give that presentation and KNOW that everyone in the room was undermining her information as “old news”, it was really sad to see. She got dressed and cleaned herself up and there was absolutely no problem with her research which made it even sadder. She worked really hard to find the evidence she needed, but at the end of the day everything she had to share was at that point irrelevant; she had become irrelevant again.

Quinn was told by Charlie that nobody wanted her (well, no one except him). I think Quinn has become such a powerful individual that these words normally wouldn’t have gotten to her, but the fact that she returned to OPA after having spent the whole night with Charlie only to find that Olivia and Huck had been working without a moments pause of her whereabouts is what pushed her to believe Charlie’s words. For several months now Quinn had been running OPA and a lot of their current success is due to her work efforts. She definitely had every reason to be upset. I was a little surprised though that she was freaking out about one night, but you get the idea. She felt like she didn’t matter. It was sweet though for Huck to finally speak nice words to her, telling her that next time she goes missing, he will look for her. Progress people, progress.

Gabby *cough* I mean Abby has finally taken the time to confront Fitz about getting her name right.

Better recognize!

This was long overdue, but I think her actions are showing that she’s starting to really mark her place in the White House. I love what’s going on between her and Mellie. I don’t think we’ve ever seen them interact before and now in Season 4 we get to see them together all the time. From that first “wake up call” speech Abby gave to Mellie to seeing Abby shield Mellie from further embarrassment after that presentation, I think we’re starting to see a small bond between the two. I hope that in coming episodes we get to see Mellie really start to rise up from her current state and start gaining strength from Abby’s loyalty towards her. Maybe we’ll even see a friendship start to form.

David Rosen on the other hand is inside the bubble as Cyrus said, but what he’s starting to experience is that even when you’re inside, staying inside can sometimes get you in trouble. He is really starting to become power hungry! First he blackmailed his way into getting his job, and now he’s blackmailed Judge Sparks into siding with Fitz’s gun control policy. Boy you need to chill before someone dies. Wait, it’s already happened. Shame shame! Rosen looked upset when he heard the news of Judge Sparks’ suicide, but I wonder if this news was enough to get him to really think about what’s going on with his new mentally on getting things done.

Olivia and Jakes relationship has taken quite a turn. Even though they’re together, but not, the complicated aspects of their relationship seem to be turning into something less complicated. I think Olivia is starting to be blinded by Jake which shows just how much she really cares about him. Her emotions are making her weak. I don’t mean weak as a person, I just mean weak in her judgement. The old Olivia would have known something was up at that dinner table, but she’s so wrapped up in her desires for Jake to be what she needs him to be that she didn’t take a second look at what was really happening behind the scenes. (Yes I know she was busy with that call and all, but come on, Olivia multi-tasks the mess out of everything in her life). Her “gut” should have said, “Hey girl, your dad and your booty call are serving death threats instead of the roast. Now get to handling”. I like the fact that Jake and Olivia have this “thing” going on between them, but I’m not liking that it’s making her less her.

For now, I’ll leave you with a promo for the fourth episode of the season. For more reviews and news on Scandal stay tuned to my blog! And catch all new episodes on Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC!


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