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Scandal 4.04 “Like Father, Like Daughter”

October 19, 2014

So a highly unfortunate twist of events has taken place. I have no idea what the next episode will be like, but one thing is for sure…

It’s getting hot in here!

It’s sad that in recent episodes we’ve seen Olivia try so desperately to live as normally as she can with Jake. It showed even in this episode when she wanted to sit at the dinner table and talk about the day they had. But we all know that Olivia being happy in love means the end of the show and since the series ain’t over yet, we can still expect some wrenches to be tossed in. I think Rowen shocked us all. Jake and Tom were SO close to getting him, but BAM there he was, one step ahead once again. It’s really sad though that it was the President himself who requested Rowan’s attendance. He has NO idea. -___-

I think Olivia did the right thing in telling Fitz the truth about her going away with Jake, BUT the timing of it all certainly sucks. Now, Fitz is going to have no issue with chopping Jake’s head right off his shoulders, but what I was wondering about was why did Olivia tell him? This is another sign that shows her serious feelings for Jake. He’s become someone who she can no longer lie about. She’s invested too much time with him and he officially has a piece of her heart. Her sharing this information also shows her feelings for Fitz as well. It’s hard to lie to the people you love. I think initially she tried to keep it a secret to keep Fitz from being hurt, but when they were kissing and she found herself falling towards him emotionally, she had to cut herself off and put the truth on the table. There were talks last season of the love triangle between the three of them, but I would say that it’s pretty official now. Jake has had precious moments with Olivia that Fitz isn’t capable of having because he’s THE PRESIDENT. But at the same time, Fitz has that deep passion with Olivia while Jake appears to be more of a thrill for her. Now that the two will basically be at each other’s throats in the next episode or so, I think we’ll find ourselves watching Olivia being forced to make some choices that will showcase where her heart really lies, whether it be with Fitz or Jake.

I’ve been noticing a lot of people saying that they’re over Olivia and Fitz. I’m definitely not. Yes their relationship is a little “old news”, but as we saw in this episode, they still have that flame that we originally saw in the pilot. I’m so glad for these actors, they sell it so hard and they make me believe it every single time!

On a different note, my absolute favorite moment of the episode was when Olivia tells off the rich parents. I knew in my mind that they were probably going to ask for more money, but to see them actually do it made me so furious. Olivia took the words right out of my mouth. Ok, not really, I’m actually horrible at arguing but she did an amazing job! Let’s all relive the moment together…


For now, I’ll leave you with a promo for the fifth episode of the season. For more reviews and news on Scandal stay tuned to my blog! And you can catch all new episodes on Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC!




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