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    Will & Grace: 11 Years Later…

    October 6, 2017

    On Thursday May 18, 2006, Will & Grace bid its audience a farewell after 8 seasons on the air.  The series finale garnered mixed reviews.  It was during the final season that my cousin had introduced me to the show through the DVD sets.  I fell madly in love with these characters and in no time, I’d catch up to where the rest of America was at with the final episode.  Like many others, I found myself disappointed with the ending.  I didn’t mind at all that Will and Grace had kids with their husbands and eventually their kids would grow up to fall in love and get married.  That felt very full circle to me and I loved that.  But what I didn’t love was the painful separation between Will and Grace’s characters that the writers wrote into the storyline for that finale.  After watching these beloved characters for almost 200 episodes, I was supposed to believe that one fight lead Will and Grace, (the heart of the show), to not speak for two years?  Not only that, but have them reconnect and then separate again but this time for decades until their kids meet in college?  This, I hated.

    I, along with the other millions of fans out there was very much anticipating the return of this groundbreaking sitcom.  Now that the show is officially back, it was a bit sad to see the mixed reaction the season nine premiere received so I thought I’d share my thoughts and opinions on the show’s polarizing first episode.

    Since the hilarious mini political episode the cast shot together last year, I’ve been keeping a close eye on everything Will & Grace in hopes that within a year’s time, we’d be seeing the show make its official return to the small screen.  I’m still extremely happy that I got exactly what I was hoping for and quite honestly, had Thursday night’s premiere been horrendous, I would still be ecstatic that the show is back for another go around.

    With that being said, I can definitely see and understand where the negativity was coming from.  I personally don’t care much for politics.  That was probably the last thing I want to see out of these four characters that I love so much.  However, I was aware that they would probably need to bring up politics as a way to complete the conversation they started last October…I just didn’t think it would require all 21 minutes of the first episode.  And I think that is what upset people the most.

    Now let me shed some hope on the situation.  As I said before, I’ve been following everything Will & Grace since the announcement of its return so I know a couple of things that are heading our way in the coming episodes.  Without giving too much away, I can safely assume that this new Will & Grace won’t be heavily focusing on politics moving forward.  Much like the original series, yeah sure they’ll comment on it from time to time, but I don’t see us getting another full blown 21 minutes of it again.  A huge reason for the show’s return is to make America laugh again so especially now that they’re aware of how America felt about their first episode, I’m sure they’re going to steer away from it as quickly as possible.  With all of that being said, I don’t think everything in the episode was all bad…

    Interested in some behind the scenes knowledge?  I heard that the premiere episode was originally going to end with the pillow fight between Will and Grace in the oval office (thank goodness that didn’t happen).  The cast and crew picked up on the fact that there needed to be something more in the episode to ensure the viewers that they would be getting the same ole Will & Grace they were hoping for, and in my opinion, the new ending they came up with was just enough to accomplish that.  Amongst the negative comments I read, the people who were trying to give hope to some naysayers were referencing that final scene so thankfully the writer’s got it right with that last minute change.

    One last thing before I go, even though most of the comments were about all the political talk, I just want to quickly express my thoughts on how they eradicated the original series finale’s storyline.  As you know, I wasn’t a fan of how things ended so the fact that they made it all be a dream that Karen had, is pure gold to me.  There couldn’t have been a simpler or quicker way of tying up all of those loose ends in less than the three minutes it took to make it so it never happened.

    All in all, I’m very much looking forward to the upcoming episodes of Will & Grace!  If you are too then be sure to tune in Thursday nights at 9/8c on NBC.  You can stream Seasons 1-8 and future episodes through the NBC app and Hulu.

    Click here to get a sneak peek at episode 2!



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