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The Blacklist 2.01 “Lord Baltimore (No. 104)”

September 30, 2014

In the aftermath of last season’s deadly finale, we find our Task Force at a low point. Cooper has opted to depart from the force and remain home while Agent Ressler is fighting against speaking with a provided shrink.  Agent Keen has been living from motel to motel; acknowledging her feelings of being watched.  Red searches for leads on Berlin when he comes across a blacklister named Lord Baltimore; an individual who’s tracking abilities are sharp beyond measure.  Red gears up Agent Keen to search for Lord Baltimore when in their search they discover Lord Baltimore was hired to seek out Red’s ex-wife, Naomi Hyland, played by Mary-Louise Parker.

Lord Baltimore is taken into custody, but not before Naomi is delivered to Berlin.  Revenge is finally within Berlin’s grasps as he takes a photo of Naomi and places it inside the same locket where a photo of his daughter once was.  At the end of the episode, Red receives a package in the mail.  Inside, is a phone where he finally speaks with Berlin; who is very eager to share the second item in the package…Naomi’s finger.  The message has been received and Red knows exactly what’s coming.

This story of Berlin as thrilling and exciting as it is, seems questionable to me.  I don’t doubt what Berlin says happened to his daughter, but I’m wondering if maybe he’s targeting the wrong person.  Why would Red want to kill Berlin’s daughter?  I remember in the finale, Red had a polaroid photo of Berlin’s daughter and on it was written “#79”.  But again, why?  Was Berlin’s daughter perhaps a blacklister?  I feel more confident in the idea that Red is Agent Keen’s father, but that’s a whole different story that I’m sure will surface again later.

Speaking of Keen, her annulment has been finalized, but yet she’s decided to keep “Keen” as her last name.  I think she’s accepted the idea that Tom is dead (even though he’s not) and this is her way of holding on to the man she loved while forgetting the imposter who ruined her marriage.  I loved Keen’s long hair at the beginning.  She has changed and her new hair gave us a sense that time has past and maybe we’re not looking at the same Elizabeth we saw back in the first season.  But if that didn’t take the notion home for people, then her cutting all of that hair most certainly did.  With this new shorter hairstyle and the welcomed return of Harold Cooper back to the Task Force, as well as Ressler finally revealing that he’s running on hope and not despair of the events of last year, this premiere episode gave us a refreshed, revitalized, and repurposed Task Force that is sure to take down some of the greatest blacklisters to come; starting with Berlin.

Things are of to a hopeful start with our long-missed Task Force, but Red’s nightmare is just beginning as Berlin has his way with Naomi.  Here’s a promo for the second episode of the season…


For now, I’ll leave you with two videos.  The first video is of Megan Boone talking about Season 2 and the other is of Jimmy Fallon trying to get some spoilers from the new season! For more reviews and news on The Blacklist stay tuned to my blog!  And you can catch all new episodes on Mondays at 10/9c on NBC!





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