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The Flash 1.01 “Pilot”

October 9, 2014

The Flash is The CW’s latest superhero series to air on its network. During premiere night, the ratings did not disappoint. The Flash flashed in with 4.79 million views, giving The CW its highest series opening since the Series Premiere of The Vampire Diaries. The Flash stars Grant Gustin as he plays Barry Allen, a forensic crime scene assistant to the Central City Police Department, who is struck by lightning caused by the explosion of a particle reactor created at S.T.A.R. labs; giving him the ability to move at incredible speeds. Barry was taken in by Detective Joe West when his mother, Nora, was mysteriously murdered by a yellow figure swirling in circles around her. Barry’s father, Henry, was blamed for the murder and is now serving time in prison. To this day, Barry does not know who or what killed his mother, but after the events of this pilot episode, he comes to learn that the swirling yellow figure was a man, possibly someone with the same abilities as him.

I must admit though, I’m fully aware of the fact that this version of Flash came as a spin-off from his appearance in Arrow, CW’s other superhero series starring Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen (“Green Arrow”). But unfortunately, I haven’t seen more than a single episode of Arrow so I feel like I might be missing some things due to that fact. But thankfully, The Flash is being treated as an origin story so it’s not difficult for someone in my situation to get hooked.

Barry Allen is an insanely likable character. Despite the loss of his mother and the separation from his father, he’s still grown up into an individual who can not only take care of himself, but he’s smart and cares for those around him…even the strangers he often apologizes for bumping into. After receiving his powers, Barry quickly begins to represent someone who’s outer strength finally matches the strength he has within.  There’s an immediate contrast between him and the other “metahumans” out there when an individual named Clyde Mardon gains the ability to control the weather and uses his powers to rob local banks. We soon learn that much like Barry and Clyde, more people were affected by the explosion from the particle reactor, but there’s no telling who or how they were affected. Only time will tell. Maybe other heroes will surface from this incident, and even more likely, other villains will appear from the shadows.

Clyde: I didn’t think there was anyone else like me.

Barry: I’m not like you. You’re a murderer.

I think The Flash promises to be a show that showcases themes of inspiration and hope. With several characters having lost something precious, they all still move forward with their motivations that will possibly one day grant them the peace and closure they are hoping to find, let alone deserve. I love that the show has a great balance to it. It’s the perfect dramedy with both romantic and tragic themes. I got even more excited when I heard the music! Blake Neely is the composer which makes me so happy! I enjoyed his work in the WB series Everwood as well as the film The Wedding Date. His music pulls emotions out of listeners with the beautiful mixture of piano with string instruments. It’s awesome!

I don’t know much about Flash, but after seeing this pilot episode, I am deathly excited to see and learn more! This show has a great cast and amazing characters! The ending of the pilot was pretty shocking and definitely mysterious. So from the looks of it, Harrison Wells might be a villain? He’s faking his inability to walk and apparently processes some machine that can see into the future. The Flash goes missing in 2024 #SpoilerAlert! I recently heard that time travel is prominent in The Flash’s storyline and will carry much weight in the CW’s telling of The Flash.  Interesting…

For now, I’ll leave you with three videos (sorry, a lot to cover). The first is an interview of Grant Gustin from this year’s Comic-Con. The second is a promo of what’s to come this season. The last is a promo for the second episode. For more reviews and news on The Flash stay tuned to my blog! And you can catch all new episodes Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW!




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