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The Mysteries of Laura 1.02 “The Mystery of the Dead Date”

October 2, 2014

In this episode, Laura goes undercover after the discovery of a woman named Christa Chase, who was murdered by someone she met on an online dating website.  Laura and Billy investigate and learn that Christa was divorced from her husband and has a child. Hm…sounds like our lead character.

Laura is placed in danger when she goes on a date with the man responsible for Christa’s death.  Originally she was luring him in, but things take a turn when she gets to his home. However…

THAT’S what I’m talking about!  Go Laura!  This case comes at an interesting time because Jake reveals to Laura that he’s made their divorce final by signing and sending in the divorce papers.  She’s happy to hear it, but Jake isn’t happy experiencing it.  Throughout the episode, you can tell that Jake is still very much attached to Laura and is desperate to get her back.  I was a little disappointed with him in this episode.  I was expecting a more serious and professional part of him to surface now that he’s captain.  There’s clearly still a lot for him to grow on as the season plays out.

What I loved in this episode were the funny bits!  This episode was the second punch to the pilot’s first, since both were written by Jeff Rake.  I was genuinely laughing out loud at certain moments which made me feel very hopeful for the life of the show.  Dramedy isn’t easy, but The Mysteries of Laura does it well.  I think Laura’s comedic appeal is really shining through and Debra’s ability to carry the drama along with her comedic talents is definitely paving a great road for an amazing season down the line.  I hope this momentum stays where it’s at.  The opening was hilarious.  Well, not the part where Christa’s dead body was revealed, no, I’m talking about AFTER that.  Laura is seen eating a pretzel in a neighborhood park where she comes across two individuals with knives who are attempting to rob an old man in broad daylight…10 feet away from children.  Laura takes matters into her own hands.


I also grew really fond of Sammi the protester.  From her first interaction with Laura I was practically begging the TV screen to let her stay on the show.  I’m glad that Laura is considering her as a babysitter.  I actually thought that by the end of the episode, Sammi would be given an opportunity to work for the force.  Her input was spot on with this case and I think her brain power could be useful to the team…but we’ll see.  Everyone’s got to start somewhere right?

Oh and did anyone else think something of Laura kissing Billy?  I know she was trying to avoid another date, but I wonder if Laura just feels THAT comfortable with him to use him in that way, or was this foreshadowing a possible “thing” in the future?  At least if they did decide to get together, he would be the complete opposite of what Jake was to her; in other words, the best guy.

“You’re being Jaked, just shake it off”  – Laura to every in the precinct

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and I’m looking forward to episode three!  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a good promo video for it, but what I can tell you is that things get personal.

For now, I’ll leave you with a video of Debra Messing on The Today Show discussing her new role.  For more reviews and news on The Mysteries of Laura stay tuned to my blog!  And you can catch all new episodes on Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC!



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