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The Mysteries of Laura 1.03 “The Mystery of the Biker Bar”

October 4, 2014

A case gets personal when Laura is called in to investigate the murder of an old friend. This person happened to have Laura’s business card in his pocket when his body was found. His name was Jerry Patch.  Laura and Jake knew him from way back.  Jerry was the reason Laura and Jake were together in the first place.  He was survived by his wife Ruby and community biker folk who appreciated his bar, which felt like home away from home for many of them.

Unfortunately, by the end of the investigation Laura learns the vicious truth behind Jerry’s death.  He was murdered by his own wife.  This seemingly sweet woman had a build up of hidden rage within her.  For years she had a dream that one day she and Jerry would quit the bar business and live the rest of her lives somewhere nice in Florida, but once she learned Jerry not only had no intentions of leaving, but also gave away all of their hard earned money, she made the choice to kill him in order to collect what money was left of the air rights to the bar.  Despite the fact that Ruby was a close friend, Laura placed her under arrest.

Side note:  This episode had a chase scene it in which made me then notice that episodes 1 & 2 did as well.  Are we getting a chase scene every episode?  They even played out the same way:  the criminal runs, Billy can’t stop them, Laura does.  Just curious if anyone else noticed that.

I liked the scene where Laura and Jake danced together.  I think for the first time we got a more positive sense of history between the two of them.  It was a reminder that despite the messy divorce, these two once had a great love for each other…there’s a chance they still do, but complications get in the way.  It was interesting how Laura tried to get out of the dance saying she didn’t want their boys to get confused, but then Jake called her out; questioning if maybe SHE was the one getting confused.  Hm…

I’m so glad that Sammi is STAYING!  She really adds a lot to the show in my opinion.  She’s funny, smart, and great with the kids.  I think having her in Laura’s life is going to help us get to understand the boys on a level that wouldn’t be possible without her, since we mainly see them interact with their parents, which is when they cause the most trouble. Sammi will be a good influence on them.  I think a lot of working parents can relate to what Laura was going through with Sammi taking on the babysitter role.

“Overtime I will learn to trust you; implicitly.  But for now, CUT A MOTHER SOME SLACK!” – Laura to Sammi

That dialogue was perfect!  It was the line that won Sammi over to accept the job offer.  It goes to show the difficulties in being a good parent who can find the right person to care for their kids while they’re away at work.  Not an easy task at all.  And the worrying aspect is a whole other issue that has its own hurdles, as Laura expressed.

I like that we’re diving even deeper into Laura’s life.  We now have met Jerry (well, sort of) who was the reason for her getting with Jake, we’re learning more about her kids as they spend time with Sammi, and there was a small mention of Laura’s relationship with her father (touchy subject).  She and her dad used to fight a lot.  Sounds like he wasn’t pleased with her life choices.  I wonder if he’ll be appearing in coming episodes?

For now, I’ll leave you with a promo for the fourth episode.  For more reviews and news on The Mysteries of Laura stay tuned to my blog!  And you can catch all new episodes on Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC!


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