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The Vampire Diaries 6.03 “Welcome to Paradise”

October 17, 2014

This episode was incredibly satisfying! As you know, I’m SO team Bamon right now. I really can’t imagine anyone NOT enjoying what’s going on with them. Bonnie has her magic back, but it wasn’t without a little push. Take a look at my favorite scene of the night!


Damon and Bonnie aren’t perfect, but their bond is what’s elevating their sense of hope to finally get back home. Bonnie getting her magic back is a HUGE deal and if the end of the episode wasn’t clear enough, it seems like her magic is the key to finally escaping. I’m so glad Kai is tangible and not a ghost as I mistakingly predicted in my last review. His personality is awesome! I haven’t been this excited about a villain since Damon way back in Season 1. Actually, Kai is like the new Damon, but we just don’t know what he is supernaturally. Although he says he turned on Damon to influence the return of Bonnie’s magic, I don’t believe he was completely honest about his intentions. He’s clearly cunning and has what it takes to pose a challenge to our vampiric heroes, but what I find even more appealing about him was the emphasis on his observational skills. He’s great at reading peoples’ character and personalities and he knows just what buttons to push. I hope he DOES make it back to the present world because I think it’ll be fun to see him interact with everyone else!

Unfortunately for Damon, if they ever do find their way back home, he might be returning to an Elena that’s already moved on. Marco has made his move on Elena and she didn’t seem at all bothered by the kiss they shared. The story between them is being built very slowly, but I have a strong feeling that his interest in Elena is going to be a direct threat towards all the Delena lovers.

We also learned that the Mystic Falls border apparently breaks compulsion. One of the things I thought about was Elena. If she passes through, will her real memories of Damon return? Since it was done by Alaric, does that mean she wouldn’t be affected? I’d like to hear your guys’ thoughts on that! I feel like there’s some TVD rule that would explain it, but I’m not remembering at the moment.

So…Enzo might die. Actually probably not since it was said that he joined the main cast, but a person can dream right? I make it sound like I hate him so much; that’s definitely not the case, but I wouldn’t give him a second thought if he was killed in the next episode. I would feel for Caroline though. Speaking of Caroline, poor girl just keeps getting emotionally beat by Stefan.

The one interesting thing that came out of her talk with Stefan is that Elena picked up on Caroline’s true feelings. This was the first time we heard Caroline admit that she’s felt something for Stefan. By the end of last season, I was rooting for Caroline and Stefan to get together, but with her actions lately, I feel like they have a lot of work to do to get back to that awesome place they were in before. Remember the car scene where Stefan was resting after the Travelers kept searching through his brain for his other doppelgänger and Caroline had just returned from failing to retrieve him? Well, that was one of my favorite moments between the two of them. The emotions felt so genuine and there they were; these two people that have such giving hearts, but have been burned by past loves. They deserved each other so much in that moment. That’s where we need to get to again and as you can see, we’re a long way away from that. I’m glad that Elena seems to support Caroline’s feelings for Stefan, but we have to keep in mind that this is Damon-less Elena. The second she gets her memories back, I think she’s going to feel differently about Caroline.

Tripp is getting a little trigger happy. Since the end of the last episode when we saw him burn up the vampires he captured in his truck, he’s appeared quite obsessed about capturing and killing more vampires. I thought he was going to have a calmer personality, but he’s getting more and more violent as the episodes continue so either he needs to be stopped, or we’re going to have a crazy founding family member on the loose.

Oh before I go, I wanted to say that the scene in the last episode with Jeremy leaving voicemails for Bonnie; expressing his real feelings felt good to see. It’s not that he’s moved on at all, but secretly he’s dealing with a lot of pain that he has no idea how to handle. So the best way for him to deal with it is to not deal with it at all and just move on with life, pretending. That’s something he and Elena share in common.

For now, I’ll leave you with a promo for the fourth episode of the season. For more reviews and news on The Vampire Diaries stay tuned to my blog! And you can catch all new episodes on Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW!



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