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Welcome to My Official Website

December 7, 2017

OMG…I legit have an official website! 😆  This has been a long process because for a while I couldn’t exactly figure out how I wanted my website to be.  Back in 2014 I was using this space to mainly review TV shows.  Then, when I started my YouTube Series Xuffed678, it became a place where I could promote my videos.  But then a few months ago I started thinking, “What if I could create a site where people could have access to all of my stuff?”  After searching through countless themes and watching an endless amount of “How-to” tutorials, I finally found the perfect combination of attributes and features that I wanted in my own website.  And that, is how was born!

To say that this took a lot of work would honestly be an understatement.  I didn’t have any knowledge of what it takes to create a website and have it be “professional”.  My goodness did I learn though.  There will always be something better and greater out there, but I’m definitely proud of this space and I hope that you feel the excitement and joy that I have in sharing it with you. Because my videography work has been keeping me so busy, I fell short on time for something else that I love doing…and that’s writing.  Thankfully with this website, I’ll be able to get my thoughts out through the blog section.  So definitely check that out!

But yes, take a look around and see what’s available.  If you like what you see, then feel free to scroll down the sidebar and enter your email to subscribe to my website so that you can be notified when something new is posted!  Whether you’re here to catch up on the latest of my YouTube series, social media, The Video Journals, or you just want a good read from the blog section, it’s all here just for you.

I hope you’ll stick around to grow and learn with me through this process.  I’m looking forward to the great things that are coming and I hope you are too!  See you soon!  ^___^

Be yourself love yourself,

Gabriel (Xuffed678)

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