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After completing five years of privately filming my personal life with family and friends in The Video Journals, I felt inspired to further educate myself on what it takes to create content for public viewing.  Although The Video Journals would continue to film behind the scenes, I began spending a lot of time researching how to make a YouTube channel.  Before I knew it, I was developing content for my own YouTube channel in a series titled after my pen name, Xuffed678.

I have a deep passion for storytelling.  TV has been my life.  Not only did storylines and characters excite me, but also just the way in which TV shows function was always interesting to me.  Seeing promotions for a new season of a show that I loved would instill the same joy that eating desserts had on my stomach.  (I know that’s a strange analogy, but hopefully you understand what I mean.) So with all of that in mind, I knew from the beginning that I wanted to treat my YouTube series as if it was a real show with seasons, episodes, theme songs, recaps, promos, etc.  I also made a personal goal to produce 50 episodes per season.  And so far, I’m proud to say that I’ve been able to stick to that goal.

Working on Xuffed678 has been more than just educational for me.  Growing up, I was a really shy kid.  Things like public speaking was a complete nightmare for someone like me.  But much like how doing The Video Journals has felt therapeutic and helped me find my voice, filming Xuffed678 has helped me tackle my fears of public speaking and has instilled in me the confidence to present my authentic self to the public.

My series motto is “Be yourself love yourself”.  That’s been one of the ultimate lessons in my life so far.  It’s my hope that people who watch my YouTube series will be inspired to be who they are and love themselves for it.  I try my best to emulate that message with each episode, whether I’m talking passionately about something I care about, or simply being silly while I cook a pot of ramen noodles. Oprah Winfrey once spoke about how when she started her career in television, she would often imitate Barbara Walters because she was her role model growing up.  Unfortunately, she learned that her imitation was nothing compared to the real thing, which forced her to rely on being her own authentic self.  And clearly this worked in her favor because hey…she’s Oprah Winfrey.  I definitely have my admirers too (Oprah for sure being one of them), but at the end of the day, I know that I’m the best at being me, just as you are the best at being you.

Now that I’ve shared a little back story on how Xuffed678 came about, I want to give some updates on what’s happening with the series right now. The first 25 episodes of Season 3 are live on my channel. Season 3 Part 2 is currently in production and will hopefully be uploaded sometime before I’m old and shriveling. 😂 Completing this season in particular has unfortunately been a slow process, but I want you to know that this is something that I do for fun on top of everything else going on in my life. The fact that it’s helped me grow as a person is a huge plus. And I hope to continue to grow as I put more and more work and effort into the content that I produce. If this series is something that you’d be interested in, definitely consider subscribing to my YouTube channel so you can catch every single episode! 🙌🏾💫 For now, feel free to check out the trailer for Season 3 down below and I’ll see you guys in my next video!

Be Yourself, Love Yourself

Gabriel (Xuffed678)

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